I own a color etching by the famous English painter of animals, Moreland, that is over 100 years old. It shows next to two Spaniels a black and red terrier. He looks exactly like today's German Jagdterrier and not like a Welsh Terrier, tawny in color with just a black saddled. Here, too, like everywhere in the English dog breeding history, mixed breeding was very common.

Among the pack of hounds during hunting foxes, the Old English Terrier was used to bring an escaped fox back in front of the horseman. In order for the Terrier to look like the "hounds," white, straight-haired Terriers were mixed into the breeding and so today's Fox Terrier, both wire-haired and straight-haired,evolved.

The straight-haired fox terrier is the older breed. Every effort was made to keep white as the dominant color.

Yet, it is understandable that within so many different color bloodlines the dominant black color continued to reappear so that still today, very dark puppies appear in many Fox Terrier litters. These dark puppies were killed right away and breeders who very often didn't know why some of the puppies were black would not acknowledge the existence of such black puppies.

We, too, were not able at that time to explain why the puppies that Zangenberg had bought were only black and red. We really didn't care. We were glad to own Fox Terriers with the hunting color and hoped to use these four puppies successfully in breeding to establish a hunting Fox Terrier breed (jagdfoxterrierstamm). From the viewpoint of hunting, these four dogs were not bad, although they left much to desire. First, we tried inbreeding, pairing brothers with sisters. But the results were not good. No wonder, after all, the parents weren't real hunting dogs.

The picture changed, though, when we bred our four "originals" with our well-trained old hunting Fox Terriers.
The beautiful dark color continued to be dominant. Dogs with a lot of the white color and spotted dogs were selected and eliminated from further breeding. .... (cont.)

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