Thus developed our much desired and planned Deutscher Jagdterrier (German Hunting Terrier)-- the breed being further developed and refined by strict elimination. To eliminate, once in a while, strong white marks which still occurred on the chest and on the legs, we bred our line twice with "Old English Terriers" that we bought from English friends. This was done under the recommendation andsupervision of the famous cynologist, Dr. Lackner from Koenigsberg, and only those "Old English Terriers"were used that proved to be good hunters. This all there is to tell about the secret surrounding the German Jagdterrier, who is in the meantime known as one of the best hounds, with great keenness, a sensitive nose, a great ability for scent, and great passion for the water, commonly great toughness and well behaved on the leash. These are all qualities and characteristics which the Fox Terrier did not have. We cannot deny that this breed originated in England, but we turned it into a breed for the huntsman and his needs.

There are almost 30,000 dogs entered in the stud book of the Federal Republic of Germany. It is hardly possible to fulfill the worldwide demand for this dog, following the organization of many breed owners. The German Jagdterrier is a small service dog that can do everything with the exception of retreiving large game and he is not a pointer. He acheives outstanding results in the ground hunt (small game) and is a very good harrier (turfter), especially for hogs. He also works very well as a Bloodhound and as a retreiver of small game and he finds excellent use for any kind of hunting in water. He is a sharp watchdog. The intense breeding work of about 50 years is now paying off.

Of course, there were many disagreements and fights among Fox Teerrier experts during the first breeding years. Today we are all getting along well, but in the beginning the Association of Fox Terrier Breeders offered to enter our dogs in a special section of the Fox Terrier stud book, but we strictly declined this, because then all of our efforts would have been in vain. Today we are happy about every good litter and there are still many good ones. We are giving the hunting world a dog which it cannot do without if it wants to hunt in a good huntsman like manner. On April 3, 1927, our dogs were introduced to the public for the first time. The interest is quite large.

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